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This is your stop if you're looking to be a pilot in New Hampshire. We provide only the very best schools in the state for you to acquire your very own pilot's license. From the very first introduction to flying, to the most enhanced professional training programs, the sky isn't the limit- it's the destination!

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New Hampshire Discovery Flights

Discovery Flights in New Hampshire are the best way for first time flyers to know what it is like to fly a real airplane!

CryoFlight Flight Schools New Hampshire provides a fun and exciting opportunity for you to fly a plane for the first time, the Discovery Flight. Discovery flights offer an exceptional opportunity for you to determine if you 'd like to pursue getting your pilot's license. Discovery flights or Introductory flights can supply you with the best opportunity to not only learn about the control and function of the aircraft, but to literally navigate it on your own as well. One of our certified flying instructors will go along with you throughout, to help with any issues, supply you with a presentation of the instrumentation of the plane, and show you a trick or two. Majority of the discovery flights are conducted in very light airplanes that are single engine powered, like the Cessna 172 or Piper. These airplanes have a cruise rate of 100 to 150 knots, for that reason they are the perfect plane for training. Discovery flights generally last about an hour from start to finish. The flight will conclude with your chance to fly the airplane on your own when you reach a suitable training altitude. It's important to keep in mind, that some of our facilities allow for ride alongs throughout the discovery flights, call our helpful and experienced agents to find out which facilities near you can accommodate an extra person.

Right before your lesson, you'll carry out a pre-flight evaluation to assess if the plane is ready to fly. Right after the ground analysis, the instructor will demonstrate taxiing the runway and take off. The literal flight itself will be approximately 25 to 45 mins. The instructor will provide additional information about the plane's instrument panel and turn the steering over to you while you are in the air. They may have also been inclined to demonstrate a trick or two, like a 180 degree turn, and allow for you to attempt it also. This is a great exploratory opportunity for you to really feel the sensation of flying and make a decision as to if it's a pursuit that's right for you. Don't hesitate, give us at CryoFlight Flight Schools New Hampshire a phone call today at 1-888-994-9308!

New Hampshire Discovery Flights

Discovery Flights for You

A Discovery Flight is your intro to small craft flight in New Hampshire. While taking pleasure in a beautiful view of the world below, your certified instructor will show you what it feels like to be a pilot.

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New Hampshire Flying Lesson Gifts

The Gift of Flight

If you want to give them a Christmas gift they will never forget, this is it! Here at CryoFlight Flight Schools New Hampshire, there is no simpler way to give them a memorable experience than with a gift certificate to have a Discovery Flight. Christmas Gift certificates are valid for up to 2 years at our flight schools across New Hampshire!

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New Hampshire Private Pilot License

Private and Sport Pilot Classes

Trying to find a New Hampshire Sport Piloting License? We've got what you're looking for! Curious about a New Hampshire Private Pilot License? We've got that too! We have flying lesson enthusiasts ready to get you set up with one of our New Hampshire flight academies available all across the state.

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New Hampshire Commercial Pilot Training

Commercial Pilot Course

Is flying what you want to do for a living? There is a lot that goes into being a professional, and CryoFlight Flight Schools New Hampshire will show you the path to your career in flight.

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Are you ready to fly the sky? With our statewide organization of flight schools across the U.S., here at CryoFlight Flight Schools New Hampshire, we will provide you with the very best! Don't wait ! Make your dream of flying come true! No matter what your goal may be, the opportunities for Discovery Flights and Training to be a Pilot's are endless. CryoFlight Flight Schools New Hampshire awaits you. No matter what your goal is, be it a hobby or for the lifelong career of your dreams, we have the very best schools and knowledgeable trainers that are up to the task of making it happen.

Do you dream you could be an aviator, finding limitless adventure in the sky above? CryoFlight Flight Schools New Hampshire cares about your desire to fly. The training courses and flight services we offer are all to get you up in the sky and achieving your goal. Professional flight schools across the state are standing by; the goal of CryoFlight Flight Schools New Hampshire is to establish the perfect course of action to help you achieve your aspiration of flying. Our gift certificates are accepted at over 100 flight academies across the country and that amount grows every day. At airports both small and large, these schools are not restricted to New Hampshire. They are found at locations around the entire country. You can count on CryoFlight Flight Schools New Hampshire to pair you with the very best trainer in your area!